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(Model No.34)

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  • Plasfoam, light weight Polypropylene, Velcro Strap
Used For:

Pre and post operative splint for  lower one third tibial or fibular fractures.




  • Provides graded weightbearing and movement which enhances early healing and ambulation.
  • Provides compression to viscoelastic soft tissues for fracture alignment and early healing.

Wear the Stockinet.

First put the Posterior ( Back Bart ) Part with foot plate snugly fitting to foot.

Apply lower most Velcro strap across the heel.

Then put the Anterior patella Tendon shell, matching correctly to anatomical

Patella Tendon, i.e. below Patella and above tibial Tubrosity. Insert the anterior Part between sides of the posterior side and apply any middle strap, then check Again the position of patella tendon by feeling it at right position and put on all The Velcro straps.

Now tighten all the straps as per requirement to feel secured and pleasureful.

Note the heel remains out of the foot plate, thus the weight is transferred to ground from patella tendon keeping the heel very slightly hanging.

Then put the foot wear which accommodates the foot with the foot plate of the brace.

The other footwear and lower limb has to be equalized in height by means of adequate extra heel inside the sneakers. Extra heel filler 3/8th” + 1/4th” soft full in Sole for tight grip feeling of forefoot of unaffected foot.

It is better to go for sneakers one size bigger to easily accommodate the heel filler.

Note: Please do not handle without permission of your Doctor

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