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JR - VALGUS PAD IN SLIPPER (Medial Arch Support)

(Model No.VPC)

  • Special Resilience Micro cellular Moulded Rubber pad, High Quality Rexine
Used For:

·        Used in patients with flat feet. Also used for relieving pain in the calf and feet' by helping in pressure distribution. Helps in formation of arch in young children.




We attach the padding to the customers footwear in nearest matching color

Footwear has to be one size bigger

Special Resilience micro cellular rubber pad to stimulate the plantar surface of Arch of the foot

Gentle support for aching feet and for mild medial arch weakness

Acupressure points supporter

Proper weight distribution

Size of Arch will be as per the size of footwear

Wear as regular Slipons

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Size of Arch will be as per the size of footwear